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Bartercard Deal for Cafe's

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Increase your profits by saving cash

Moxie’s Saves $30,000 Cash Each Year

“We used to buy our coffee from a popular nationwide supplier but our coffee lacked the strength that our customers were looking for. So we changed to The Coffee Store. They gave us a stronger tasting and fuller flavoured coffee and our customers loved us for it! But best of all, by being able to pay 50% on Bartercard we have been able to save over $30,000 cash per year!”

Mike, Moxie’s Café, Palmerston North

How We Increase Your Profits

You can pay for 50% of your coffee on Bartercard, meaning you can save cash for those more important purchases.

Marketing Your Cafe

When you come on board with The Coffee Store you will receive our free marketing booklet “Top 10 Strategies To Grow Your Café – Marketing Made Simple.”

The Roastery

While we are committed to producing the best tasting coffees, our dual purpose is to help grow our clients' businesses through simple cost-effective marketing initiatives. We pride ourselves on being New Zealand’s premium coffee supplier.

To take up this offer or to find out more please contact Cameron on 021 458 007 or