The Coffee Store is a boutique coffee roasting company based on Auckland’s North Shore, supplying coffee, pods, chai, syrups, espresso machines to cafes, hotels, bars, restaurants and motels throughout New Zealand.

While we are committed to producing the best tasting coffees, our dual purpose is to help grow our clients' businesses through simple cost-effective marketing initiatives. We pride ourselves on being New Zealand’s premium coffee supplier.

Having worked in the coffee industry for many years, including a number of cafes, we knew there was a demand for a rich, full-bodied coffee blend.

Starting as a hobby, producing coffee for family and friends, we experimented with various blends until we found the perfect blend, and are now supplying our strong, full-flavoured coffee nationwide. We source our beans from specially-selected coffee farms around the world.


The Coffee Store supplies:

  • Our own rich, well-balanced blends that leave you wanting more
  • Whole beans and ground beans suitable for espresso, filter or plunger
  • Premium Belgian Hot Chocolate
  • Bon Accord Syrups
  • BFC Espresso Machine Range and Others
  • Macap and Mazzer Grinders
  • Motta Accessories

We offer a personalised service, including helping cafes with their marketing plans to help grow their business. Because their success is our success.


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