The Coffee

At The Coffee Store we love coffee and have created aromatic blends that leave you craving more.

We source our green beans from carefully selected coffee farms in Central and South America, Africa, and Indonesia. Each country produces different flavours and after experimentation we have come up with blends that enhance each region’s flavours. It’s hard to say no to a coffee from The Coffee Store.

Exotic Blend

Our Exotic Blend of coffee has a rich full-bodied flavor, with a delicious caramel  aftertaste, that leaves you wanting more.

Naked Blend

This organic blend has been ethically sourced from coffee plantations in Central and North America, and South East Asia, ensuring a fairer deal for the growers. The taste is full bodied yet balanced, with rich plum notes, leaving a chocolate taste lingering on the palate. Squeeze the bag and you will succumb to fragrant aromas just begging you to try it. NAKED… ENJOY!


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