Look After Number 1

Look After Number 1
Look after number 1….. your team!

When setting up your new café, it is so important to facilitate a happy and positive culture. The selfish old adage of look after number 1 must go out the window, unless number 1 becomes your team.

Richard Branson (who seems to know a thing or two about business) had it right when he said your staff are the most important, followed by customers, with shareholders (generally yourself) coming third.

In a nutshell, if you treat your staff with respect, make them feel valued and listen to their opinions, they will be more enthusiastic and energetic at work. This is absolutely vital for your café’s success – your team will make or break you. Valued and happy staff will create a positive and fun culture and will treat your customers with respect. And as we all must know by now, happy customers make happy shareholders (because they spend more and keep coming back).

I know of a café who recently employed a barista and there were a few things that went on that showed the owner just did not get it. The full day of work promised ended up being just 5 hours, plus a 1 hour break in the middle. The barista was unhappy and asked for a half hour break instead of an hour, as this is standard for hospitality. The owner just tried to explain it away as this is how all offices run their breaks (I think she forgot that a café is not an office!).

What an opportunity missed to listen to a good staff member. The barista felt unvalued and like an unimportant pawn in the owner’s café, and consequently she left the café. For some reason they always seem to be employing.

Your most important lesson here is to look after number 1 – your team. Do this well and everything else will fall into place.

See you next time.

Ps. If you would like to discuss our marketing offer for cafes, contact us at info@thecoffeestore.co.nz.


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