Successful Coffee At Your Next Event!

Successful Coffee At Your Next Event!
Your Event Will Only Be As Strong As The Weakest Link

When planning for an event it is vital to ensure that every supplier puts their best foot forward.

Be it a conference, wedding, school far, office party and the like, you need to make sure that all of your suppliers are properly checked out. Keep an eye out for good testimonials, a professional website or interactive social media page, other events they have done.

When choosing a supplier of coffee it is vital to make sure that your coffee vendor is up to the challenge. We believe that coffee, no matter what part they have to play in an event, is important to your success.

You need to be certain that they will;

- Actually turn up, and preferably early but definitely on time. People’s moods can be greatly affected by coffee, or lack thereof.

- Not run out of stock. Last year a coffee cart ran out of milk at a large school fair in Auckland – what a let-down! Suffice to say they weren’t invited back the following year… which is why they called upon us!

- Have a look that fits the event. You don’t want an old unbranded coffee van turning up to your quality event. It must look the part and be able to handle the crowds.

At The Coffee Store we pride ourselves in taking the hassle out of coffee.

We try to be early for any event to ensure others setting up are well caffeinated before the event starts. We have a lot of fun, joking around with each other and with customers, and make sure our carts are over stocked so we never run out of anything. And if need be will stay a little later to make sure our biggest coffee advocates are well hydrated.

Please consider us for your next event. I know you won’t be disappointed.


Cameron Owen

Just One of our Happy Customers!

Abbey from Harcourts Group Ltd

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you for Friday morning! I received AWESOME feedback from our conference attendees as well as from within our corporate office team about the quality of coffee and that you have been by far the best coffee van we have ever had here!

I loved how easy it was - for future events where we require barista coffee, I will definitely be in touch!”

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