Size Matters: Why Small Batch Roasted Coffee Is Better!

Size Matters: Why Small Batch Roasted Coffee Is Better!

Size Matters: Why Small Batch Roasted Coffee Is Better!

As a coffee drinker, you already know that the quality of your favourite caffeinated beverage is often dependent on the source. But did you know that when it comes to roasting coffee beans, size also matters? While large batch roasters dominate in most marketplaces, small batch roasted coffee is showing its strength as a contender for better tasting brews. In this blog post we’ll be exploring why small batch roasted coffees are able to create such delicious flavours and what makes them an ideal choice for any discerning taste bud!


What Sets Small Batch Roasts Apart from Common Coffee?

Small batch roasted coffee has emerged in recent years as a delicious alternative to common, mass-produced brews. Many consumers don’t know what sets it apart from its less distinguished counterparts, but the differences are unmistakable.

By reducing roast times and controlling variables like temperature with precision, an artisanal result can be achieved that creates more nuance and flavour complexity than other coffees. 

What we consider ‘common’ coffee results from a production process that enables large scale efficiency but at the expense of taste and quality, whereas small batch roasts are managed with the utmost care to produce something truly special every time.


The Benefits of Roasting Coffee in Small Batches  

Roasting coffee in small batches allows the coffee to achieve its fullest flavour and aroma potential. When roasted in larger quantities, the beans can often be overheated or burnt resulting in a less flavourful concoction. Further, smaller batches allow for more precise temperatures during roasting, allowing the natural flavours to be coaxed out rather than destroyed by excess heat. The unique flavour and aroma that comes from small batch roasting is incomparable to traditional production methods.


Understanding the Process of Small Batch Roasted Coffee 

Crafting the perfect coffee blend requires an intricate, detailed process. Small batch roasted coffee focuses on creating diverse flavour profiles while ensuring consistency and excellent quality. As it is roasted in smaller numbers, each batch can be carefully monitored allowing for fine-tuning if desired. This close attention to quality and authenticity results in a unique flavour experience hard to replicate with larger scale production methods.


How to Spot Quality Small Batch Roasted Coffee

To spot superior small batch roasted coffee, we recommend looking for several specific traits. 

Factors like dark roast levels, bean freshness and consistency are just some of the characteristics you should be on the lookout for in order to identify top-notch small batch roasted coffee.

At the Coffee Store, our blends are roasted very dark in order to produce a nice, rich flavour. Furthermore, our beans are freshly roasted right here in New Zealand.


Sustainable Sourcing

Drinking responsibly grown coffee has become increasingly more important to consumers. Not only is small batch roasted coffee more flavourful, but it also usually supports farming-practices that are socially responsible, better for the environment and healthier for producers in the long run.

Our popular organic blend has been ethically sourced from coffee plantations in Central and North America, and SouthEast Asia, ensuring a fairer deal for the growers.


What Is The Best Way To Enjoy A Small Batch Roasted Coffee?

The best way to enjoy the taste of a Coffee Store small-batch roasted brew is any way you like! Though we recommend a short black. This ensures you are getting the true, unadulterated flavour of the blend. Cameron’s, our founder, favourite way to enjoy a coffee store coffee is a flat white, the ultimate kiwi classic!  


It's easy to see why small batch roasts have such a loyal following because of their distinct taste and benefits. The process, from bean to cup, is complex but ultimately brings out the full potential of the coffee bean. Coffee is more than just a beverage - it's an experience. Make sure you're making the most of yours. 

Enjoy the taste of small batch roasted coffee from the Coffee Store, available in a range of tantalising blends.


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