The Secret To A Great Cup Of Coffee: How To Get The Best Brew

The Secret To A Great Cup Of Coffee: How To Get The Best Brew

The Secret To A Great Cup Of Coffee: How To Get The Best Brew

For coffee connoisseurs, the perfect cup of coffee is a matter of preference. While some enjoy elaborate beverages with steamed milk and syrups, others remain loyal to their trusty long black. No matter what you prefer, there are three components that make up the foundation of a good brew: the beans, the machine and machine maintenance. 


It’s time to spill the beans! For the perfect cup of coffee, it's important to select freshly roasted coffee beans. The quality of your chosen blend will make all the difference - freshness provides an unmistakable depth and richness that stale brews simply can't match!

Enjoy the ultimate coffee experience with our freshly roasted blends. Roasted right here in New Zealand, our coffees provide an unbeatable burst of flavour and freshness. 


While a true workman never blames his tools, good tools are essential when it comes to making a good brew. The quality of your coffee relies on the quality of the machine you use to make it, so make sure yours stands up to the challenge. 

The quality brew produced by higher-end machines is leaps and bounds ahead of what can come from their cheaper counterparts - elevating flavour profiles and making an already great cup even better. If you’re spending good money on high quality coffee beans, it’s a waste if your machine isn’t up to the task. In the case of coffee machines, you get what you pay for!

Cameron, the founder of the Coffee Store, recommends Vibiemme Domobar machines. Designed in New Zealand and made in Italy since 1979. 


We have already discussed the importance of a good coffee machine, but it is also essential that it performs at its best. Ensure you perform regular upkeep on your machine and clean it regularly. 

  • Keep your machine clean by back-flushing it every day to remove coffee oil build-up on the brew head and wipe it down afterward.
  • Clean all removable parts from your machine at least once a week. 
  • Every six to twelve months, you should descale your machine to remove mineral buildup that affects performance, taste, and temperature. 


You now have all the knowledge to become a true coffee connoisseur. From selecting your beans, to finding the best machine and keeping it maintained, you have the basics of brewing down. Now that you know the ground rules, it's time to unleash your inner barista!

Get started on the path to coffee greatness with freshly roasted coffee beans from the Coffee Store, available in a range of tantalising blends.


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